Gordon P. Hemsley @ Queens College

LCD 391.3 – Spring 2010

Acoustic Analysis of New York City English Vowels

Instructor: Michael J. Newman, Ed.D.

Data Sheet
One can use this data sheet to keep track of vowel data in a tangible way.
New Praat Script (Version 1.0; Released 2010-03-05)
Updated Bill Labov's very simple script (included with some versions of Plotnik) to include support for NORM.
New Praat Script 2 (Version 1.1; Released 2010-03-06)
Added check to ensure that the Plotnik output file is valid.
Praat Script with Glides (Version 2.0; Released 2010-03-07)
Major overhaul to include the ability to automatically measure glides in a selection (for NORM), using a very simple algorithm (take the mean of only the last quarter of the selection).
Improved Plotnik comments.
Made code a little more pleasant to read.
Praat Script for NORM (Version 3.0; Released 2010-03-14)
Removed support for Plotnik.
Replaced automatic measurement of glides with manual measurement.
Praat Script for NORM, with Instructions (Version 3.1; Released 2010-03-18)
Added detailed instructions on how to use the script.
Moved the copyright message up and made the formatting of the file nicer.
Praat Script for NORM, with Instructions and Windows Bugfix (Version 3.2; Released 2010-03-19)
Worked around bug in Praat for Windows where a trailing slash is not supplied in the temporaryDirectory$ variable.
Made some minor changes to the documentation.
Praat Script for NORM, with Better UX (Version 3.3; Released 2010-04-22)
Allow multiple words in "Word" field. (Previously, text entered in the "Word" field would be truncated after the first space.)
Moved buttons on the diphthong dialog box around so that everything is more consistent.
Praat Script for NORM, with Timestamps (Version 3.4; Released 2010-05-25)
Added timestamp to Word field to indicate the time (in seconds) of the single or steady-state measurement. (The time of the glide is not recorded.)